CPA Plan Audit Prospecting

Advantages for your business:

  • Quickly identify and create new client relationships.
  • Enhance your understanding of the marketplace and your competition.
  • Benchmark your work by reviewing audit reports prepared by peer firms.
  • Use Google Maps to pinpoint your prospects.

This ReSource gives you the ability to quickly identify potential new clients and grow your practice.

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The ReSource allows you to customize your analysis by categories such as Audit Firm, Plan Type, Sponsor Type, Asset Range and other criteria. You can also easily visualize your opportunities and competition using our dynamic mapping tool.

The foundation of The CPA Prospecting ReSource is a comprehensive database of all audited benefit plans that includes information on plan sponsors, auditing firms as well as instant access to over 80,000 audit reports and Form 5500 filings. The database also includes all benefit plans with 80 or more participants with no audit.

Our revolutionary platform empowers you with a state-of-art and user friendly interface giving you access and insight into the database rich with opportunities. Click here to learn more.

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