New Client Prospecting

The Plan Data Intelligence ReSource

Advantages for your business development efforts:

  • Quickly and accurately identify new client relationship opportunities.
  • Gain valuable intelligence into who has what type of assets or even what specific assets.
  • Better prepare for the initial meeting with potential new clients with valuable insight about
    a plan and it's assets and about specific improvements you can offer.

View our short introduction to this powerful new tool.

We also offer a completely free 5500 search tool (Free Click here to instantly get access to this useful tool.

Now with Benchmarking

A plan Benchmark Report is now available on's Plan Data Intelligence prospecting tool. See Plan Data Benchmark ReSource for more information.

The Plan Data Intelligence ReSource offers a powerful and very valuable data mining tool. We offer searching Form 5500 data, similarly as do other products; however, we also offer the ability to search the ATTACHMENTS! This allows you to search for a specific asset provider, asset or asset class among other search terms. It also includes a tool to find email address for plan sponsors.

This new ReSource gives you the ability to gather insight and information from the 5500 filing as well as look into the details inside the plan! Click here to learn more.

The ReSource allows you to customize your analysis by categories such as: Location, Plan Type, Sponsor Type, Asset Range, Participant Count, Average Participant Account Balance and other criteria.

Our revolutionary platform empowers you with a state-of-art and user friendly interface giving you access and insight into the database rich with opportunities.