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Technical Research

Product 1 ID 2 IDs 3 IDs 4 IDs 5 IDs
The Qualified Plan eSource (QPeS)$495/yr.$668/yr.$889/yr.$1,182/yr. $1478/yr.
QPeS with Government Source Material$570/yr.$769.50/yr.$1,024.10/yr.$1,361.35/yr. $1,701.45/yr.
The Fiduciary Responsibility eSource$145/yr.$189/yr.$232/yr. $268/yr.$305/yr.
The Form 5500 eSource$295/yr.$398/yr.$530/yr.$704/yr. $881/yr.
The Who's The Employer eSource$279/yr.$377/yr.$460/yr. $544/yr. $628/yr.
The Social Security eSource$125/yr.$163/yr.$200/yr.$231/yr. $263/yr.
Government Source Material (GS)$105/yr.$142/yr.$189/yr.$251/yr. $313/yr.
ASK Full (includes QPeS, GS and 30 questions)$1,945/yr.$2,144/yr.$2,333/yr.$2,512/yr. $2,691/yr.
ASK Medium (includes QPeS, GS and 12 questions)$995/yr.$1,196/yr.$1,452/yr.$1,793/yr. $2,136/yr.
ASK Small (includes QPeS, GS and 6 questions)$795/yr.$996/yr.$1,252/yr.$1,593/yr. $1,936/yr.
Additional Blocks of 5 Questions for ASK$275/yr.$275/yr.$275/yr.$275/yr. $275/yr.

The CPA Prospecting ReSource

The CPA Prospecting ReSource offers nationwide coverage for only $745/yr for a single user subscription.

The Plan Data Intelligence ReSource

The Plan Data Intelligence ReSource offers nationwide coverage for only $1,495/yr for a five user subscription.