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Qualified Plan eSource

A complete treatise for ERISA professionals working with defined contribution plans. The Qualified Plan eSource provides answers in an easy-to-read and easy-to-search format with direct links to the government source materials. This eSource is written by industry expert Ilene H. Ferenczy, JD, CPC, APA who is a nationally-recognized ERISA attorney, speaker and Managing Partner of Ferenczy Benefits Law Center LLP, an employee benefits law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to learn more.

New Edition! Who's The Employer eSource 8th Ed.

Who's the Employer, written by S. Derrin Watson, J.D., has long been the leading source of information and analysis about employee and employer issues affecting US retirement plans.The clear, easy to understand language and thorough presentation of the law makes it a pleasure to read, as well as an essential reference for plan administrators, staffing firms, and human resource departments. The 8th Edition contains over 30% new material including:

  • Detailed explanation of how employer and employee status impact testing
  • Analysis of new IRS, DOL, and congressional rules for multiple employer plans
  • A chapter showing the impact of related employers on 401(k) plans
  • Dozens of new examples
  • Full chapters on nondiscrimination, predecessor employers, and QSLOBs
  • More detailed discussion of the consequences of related employer status
Click here to learn more.

New! Plan Corrections eSource

Mistakes happen. And when it comes to retirement plans, they happen a lot. The Plan Corrections eSource, written by Alison J. Cohen, J.D., Ilene H. Ferenczy, J.D., CPC, APA, and S. Derrin Watson, J.D., addresses all the common and not-so-common retirement plan blunders and provides step-by-step instructions for making things right again. From overpayments to missed deferrals, from late deferrals to late returns, from self-correction to VCP to audit CAP, this eSource will walk you through the available corrections with practical suggestions. Click here to learn more.

Form 5500 eSource

A complete guide to Form 5500 preparation. Written by industry expert and 5500 software pioneer Timothy McCutcheon, JD, CPA, MBA, this guide provides analysis with full explanations in an easy-to-read format. Avoid rejected filings by having access to over 1,000 data element format specifications and over 400 edit checks. Click here to learn more.

403(b) Plan eSource

An essential reference for professionals who work with 403(b) plans. Written by noted attorney and industry expert S. Derrin Watson, JD, APM, this guide offers in-depth explanations of the 403(b) rules written in clear, easy to understand language. With over 400 examples, this is the "go-to" resource for 403(b) professionals. Click here to learn more.

457 Plan eSource

A must-have reference for all things 457. Written (again) by S. Derrin Watson, JD, APM, this resource offers clear explanations of the 457 rules. Written in Derrin's unique style, this eSource also contains numerous, helpful examples. Click here to learn more.

Ask the Author

Receive personalized help for all of your tough compliance questions in four business hours or less from noted author and speaker S. Derrin Watson, J.D. No endless email strings - responses by email or phone. Click here to learn more.

Fiduciary Responsibility eSource

Nationally recognized ERISA attorney and former IRS and Labor Department attorney Charles Humphrey puts advisors and plan sponsors in the driver's seat with his new title which provides a guide to ERISA fiduciary responsibilities. Click here to learn more.

Government Source Materials

These resources have been selected by our editors to only include resources relevant to ERISA professionals. These materials include the following: IRS, DOL, PBGC statutes, regulations and other guidance as well as Court cases. The site also includes searchable industry articles written by Ferenczy Benefits Law Center, Groom Law Group and Morgan Lewis.